I Chapter: Meaning and definition of bank and banking-significance-evolution of banks in India with special reference to Coastal Karnataka Banks- Indian Banking system ñRBI, Commercial Banks, Development Banks, Regional Rural Banks, Co-operative Banks, NABARD,LDBs, EXIM Bank. Segment banking: need and features of Bharathiya Mahila Bank (BMB). 10 Hrs 
II Chapter: Commercial Banks: Types, Functions and Services of Commercial Banks-Primary and Secondary functions, Changing role of commercial banks-Housing finance, sale of mutual funds, Issue of credit cards, debit cards, ATM cards, E-Transfer of funds, E-banking. 10 Hrs 
III Chapter: Investment policy of banks-criteria of investment policy-Principles of Investment Policy. Inclusive Banking: meaning and need- micro finance- meaning, need, difference in approach from commercial banking, micro finance in India- Self Help Groups-meaning and importance. 10 Hrs 
IV Chapter: RBI-Functions- traditional and promotional- role of RBI in agricultural financing- Role in industrial development. 10 Hrs V Chapter: Negotiable instrument: meaning features and types (briefly). Cheque- meaning, definition, crossing of cheque, endorsement of cheque, clearing of cheques, Dishonour of cheques for insuffient funds (section 138), Cheque Truncation System- At Par cheque- RTGS. 
 10 Hrs VI Chapter: Paying Banker: Meaning, precaution to be taken by a paying banker, statutory protection to the paying banker- Payment in due course. Collecting Banker: legal status of the collecting banker, duties of collecting banker, statutory protection to colleting banker. 10 Hrs 
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